Through my decorative collection, I allow myself more space for exploring by using strong textures and simple shapes. Each piece is truly unique as I do not use a template for these vases. I explore themes in relationship with multiplicity as I use many small pieces of clay pinched together to make a whole. I seek to express the many experiences that make up our lives. Sometimes I add a hole here and there to a piece which can be evocative of a burst or of eruption, it’s a way to show that difficult experiences can leave a hole or that transpire us but also make way for love and light to pass through.  I like leaving the lip of the pieces I make in this collection very raw and rugged and even fine and pointy. This is very important in the vessel because it renders the object non-utilitarian as we cannot drink or eat from it. The cutting edge of the piece is a symbol also for the fine edge on which we stand and the balancing act we perform in daily life. It is also evocative of the cutting aspects of life that bring pain but also, ultimately, healing and I seek to bring our attention to these aspects by highlighting them with gold.

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